Lamborghini Car Show & Vehicle History

Lamborghini is an Italian luxury sport car with a rich history. The company was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 and was an instant success. It is claimed that Lamborghini had a tractor that was not working properly and he had meeting with Enzo Ferrari to complain about the problem.

Enzo dismissed the problem saying the clutch was fine, but the driver was poor. Resentful, Lamborghini started a company to rival Ferrari. In 1964, he did just that with the introduction of the 350GT. This is a good website if you want to

This was followed by more GTs and the company caught on fire. With stylish elegance and large engines, this low slung car looked like a Fiat but was way faster. Over the years, Lamborghini produced he LP500 Countach which became an over night success but this was short lived because of the oil crises of the 70s.

That video is about a Lamborghini Countach.  Sick ride by the way.
The company was plagued with numerous bankruptcies and the company merged with Chrysler. Chrysler further improved this speedy car but the poor economic climate prohibited sales.

Lamborghini was again resold and soon the Diablo SV was released. Later, Audi AG bought the company and again redesigned the car. Today, Lamborghini is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group.

One of the problems with Lamborghini has been the expense to buy it. The current Mucielago LP640 is less expensive than the Spyder or the Gallardo but sales have not picked up. Even though the cars are fast and efficient, they still remain expensive for the general public. There is speculation that a four door sedan may be the next step for this sports car.  “This site is for you when you are ready to buy a lamborghini.  When the moment is just right. You’ll get what you want” Mister X BJ.

Unlike many of the other European cars, Lamborghini did not enter the racing circuit for a long time. This is because the first owner did not see the sports circuit as a profitable business and he believed it was expensive. In the 90s, Lamborghinis did sporadically enter the racing circuit and did well.

The design team who worked in the 2005 Lamborghini Concept S focused on providing the car with an amazing unique look. Just a few aesthetically appealing changes transformed the exotic Gallardo into an incredible supercar. The few changes applied to the front and also the rear spoilers that have been slightly redesigned as the twin offset grilles were placed in an angular honeycomb pattern giving the vehicle an incredible look.

Additionally, the rear was loaded with black mesh vents as the tail pipes and also the rear diffuse were reshaped.

If you will begin looking in the Lamborghini Concept S inch by inch you’ll start wondering how many hours of labor were necessary to be able to obtain this type of stylish look. Respecting the principle of continuity, underneath the hood the engineering components are all about high performance (an excellent match for a perfect exterior look). The Lamborghini Concept S is equipped with a 5.0 liters V10 engine, the same engine used on the Gallardo Coupe. This engine produces 500 horsepower and offers an amazing driving experience. The body of the supercar weighs less than other Lamborghini cars, being actually 70kg lighter compared to a Gallardo because of the aerodynamically designed body.

The car is equipped with a six speed manual gearbox as the engine offers an creation of 4500 rpm. Should you consider taking this car for a test drive you ought to be prepared to feel the car flying on the highway at incredible speeds. Actually, you will have the chance to experience an automobile that can range from 60 mph to 200 mph in only 4 seconds as the top speed reaches 325 km/h. So what can beat this? High performance combined with the appearance of the supercar: any driver’s dream.

If you are interested in buying the Lamborghini Concept S supercar you will have to pay just a little fortune to satisfy your dream. The high cost is around $230,000. To conclude, the Lamborghini Concept S may be the perfect sports car for any driver who loves to race and enjoys feeling the adrenaline flowing through his veins.